Evaluating a Product Package

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Evaluating a Product Package

I chose to evaluate the Special K cereal package. Special K was introduced by the Kellogg brand to the United States in 1956 as the first high-protein breakfast cereal offered to consumers. Special K is a brand of lightly toasted breakfast cereal primarily made from rice and wheat and is marketed as a low-fat cereal used to encourage weight loss. The Special K package offers dieting information and very frequently offers giveaways for different health and fitness products on the back of the box. The diet that Special K uses for advertisement is called “The Special K Challenge” which has a goal to lose six pounds in two weeks. The Special K package is a national brand. The brand has no character.

The packaging is an easy to open cardboard cereal box. The packaging has a clean look with a bright, easy to read logo, and offers images of the product. The packaging can be easily recognized by consumers. The bag inside the cereal box is not resealable and should be to help preserve the freshness of the cereal, I feel that this is the only negative feature about the packaging. In my opinion, I do not feel that there are any safety considerations within the packaging. A major environmental impact about the packaging is that it is made from 100% recycled paperboard. The box and the plastic bag can both also be recycled after the consumer is finished with the product.

I recommend that the manufacturer, Kellogg, improve the packaging of the Special K cereal by changing the cereal box to a resealable cereal bag that keeps the same brand name, brand marks, and logo. By doing this, Kellogg will be ensuring the longer lasting freshness of the cereal. The resealable cereal bag would be made like the resealable sugar substitute bags.
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