Evaluating the Purpose and Effectiveness of Juvenile Probation

Topics: Crime, Misdemeanor, The Juvenile Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: August 28, 2011
Evaluating the Purpose and Effectiveness of Juvenile Probation Matthew Wilson
Juvenile Justice 113

The effectiveness of juvenile today can be categorized into several things like with the specific programs that are offered to juvenile offenders and the different level of crime that they commit from a simple misdemeanor to a severe felony. This essay is going to talk about the different types of probation programs, the purpose of juvenile probation, and if they are effective or not. Although, I am going to only list a few today there are more out there that I am not going to talk about today. According to Georgia Courts (USlegal.com, 2011) the purpose of juvenile probation is to give a form of a sentencing to young juveniles so they do not have to leave their own community. However, the courts can put certain stipulations on the juvenile to where they may have a curfew, where they have to report to their probation officer on a certain day in the month, attend classes on a regular basis, and most importantly staying out of any kind of trouble. In the first article that I read from journal of Juvenile Probation System on the Eve of the new Millennium for Federal Courts (Corbett J.P., 1999) is that it talks about the three main types of juvenile probation. The first which would be dealing with the traditional approach to probation. Traditional probation deals with the simple way to handle probation these cases are usually simple offenses committed by the juvenile. Cases like this range from a simple underage drinking charge to a small gang affiliation charge. The first step in this process would be that the courts would assign a probation officer to them and their certain case. The courts can set how many times a month the youth offender has to see his or her probation officer. They can also set what types of restrictions that the youth will have to abide to or else he or she may have to have other penalties that again the court sets will set for...

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