Evaluating the Impacts of the Influx of Immigrants Into Singapore

Topics: Singapore, Human migration, Culture of Singapore Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: July 29, 2013
The influx of migrants into Singapore has brought about mainly negative impacts to the country. To what extent do you agree with this view? Explain your answer.

I agree with this view to a large extent. I think that the influx of migrants into Singapore has brought about mainly negative impacts. Firstly, let us define what a ‘migrant’ is. It refers to someone who has moved from one country to another permanently. Also, for the sake of clarity, ‘Singapore’ will refer to locally born Singaporean citizens.

Let us first consider a positive impact that the influx of migrants into Singapore has brought, before evaluating it alongside the negative impacts.

The influx of migrants provides continuous economic stimulation for Singapore. Contextually speaking, Singapore has been facing a decline in her citizens’ fertility rate, having fallen to 1.20 births per women in 2011. If no action were to be taken, there would be insufficient manpower in the future to support the workforce, adding on to the increased burden of taxes and parental care to the citizens of Singapore. Thus, in the first place, there is a necessity to bring in more migrants. The influx of migrants comes in two main forms: low-skilled foreign workers and highly-skilled foreign labour. Low-skilled foreign workers take on low-skilled jobs which are conventionally not taken on by home-born Singaporeans who are often more educated, thus supporting infrastructure which leads to more stability. High-skilled foreign labour provides a ‘human capital’ for Singapore which is one of the few viable economic strategies Singapore can take to become a major player in the global economy. Both stability and human capital are highly attractive to multi-national companies who want to set up administrative centres, and can lead to these multi-national companies establishing themselves in Singapore, providing more high-skilled jobs for Singaporeans, thus benefitting Singapore.

Economically, the influx of migrants...
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