Evaluating the Impact of Change Within a Hotel Operation

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Evaluating the impact of change within a hotel operation: A case study of the Churchill Hotel in London


The dissertation will examine 2 areas of International Business often use when dealing with Strategic and Operations Management:

Service Quality for Businesses and Suharaman’s theory of SERVQUAL •The Effect of organizational change on staff

Using the Churchill Hotel in London was a good example of an organization that had to rely heavily on the key strategies of organizational change and service quality after the Hotel changed management from Inter-continental Hotels to Hyatt International in January 2004. The Dissertation would examine how the Hotel has coped with the change in the 2 years after being under the Inter-continental for 20 years. As a back up comparison for the evaluation, another Hyatt hotel outside of Europe will also be evaluated. The Grand Hyatt Cairo was up until recently a Meridien Hotel (changing over in 2004 also). As I will be working with the Churchill hotel as a Corporate Trainee from mid November 2005 onwards, I thought it would be a great opportunity to research the project

There are a number of social and commercial issues involved in the change over and re-branding of the hotel as outlined above and it would be interesting to learn and experience these issues first hand. The Dissertation will also attempt to look at several other aspects:

Why do hotel owners very often not run their own hotels? As is the case with the Churchill whose owners have relied on international hotels chains to run the management of its London hotel. Would they be in fact be better off if they ran it by themselves using the personal knowledge of the area?

Why pay vast sums of money to hotel chains to operate a hotel and not hire the best talent available to do the job? The Dissertation will also be an attempt to examine the profitability of business owners investing in external management for there own staff and labour parts instead of a more organic growth of staff

Why is Branding important for Hotel operators? In today’s Hotel Service Industry the brand of a hotel is vital for its marketing and retaining and attracting customers. The dissertation will attempt to look at how much extent this is vital to a hotel as a competitive advantage

How to build a brand? By going through research of the Hyatt’s history as well as it’s closest competitors and marketing business models there will also be an attempt at seeing how brand is created and sustained over time

How does a company go beyond branding and build a culture of a company which is even more important for its employees? Part of the Hyatt business models is instilling a multi-national culture amongst its employees that is reflected in the brand. By interviews with staff who have stayed over from the transition and if they have felt any difficulty since the change

Successful hotel operators are in the five star markets. Why are they not so successful in the budget brands? By examining at smaller hotels the dissertation will see if the theory of Brand building can work in smaller markets for Hotel service

Successful hotel operators are charging ever higher room rates. Does this contribute to inflation and social disruption by increasing real estate prices in city centers? The Economical aspect of whether or not International chains are actually helping or hurting the cities in which they operate will also be investigated with research from journals form the service industry

What happens to employees of a particular hotel when a new chain takes over the hotel? Are the employees retrained, motivated and have the potential to earn more money or do they lose their jobs to higher skilled outside employees? As well the interviews, an investigation into the HR departments training will also be looked and if any theories of HR apply.

How did the changed service standards impact the...
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