Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

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Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department

BSHS 462
May 20, 2013

Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department
Evaluating the Consultation and Education Department funding at the Greenby Mental Health Center is the focus of this paper. The centers funding has been reduced. Additionally the reduction in funding will cause the organization to consider closing down their consultation and education department. First I will describe one process evaluation measure as well as one outcome evaluation measure, which could be an optional recommendation for the Greenby Community Mental Health Center. These measures will help to show the Consultation and Education Department program effectiveness and efficiency. Next the writer will explain the scope and purpose of the process evaluation and outcome evaluation measures as well as how each influence the design. Then the issues and challenges, which may arise from evaluating Greenby Community Mental Health Center, will be discussed. Finally, an explanation will be discussed related to why an evaluation may be helpful to the Consultation and Education Department director’s situation.

Process Evaluation Measure
There are 35 types of program evaluation. The different types may include but, or not limited to the following; accreditation, assessments, cost/benefit analysis, effectiveness, efficiency, formative, needs summative, goal-based, process, and outcomes (McNamara, n.d.). Program evaluation is thoroughly gathering data or evidence about a program to make vital decisions about a program. The type of evaluation one embarks on to improve his or her organizations programs is contingent upon what the board wants to discover about the program.

The cost/benefit analysis evaluation measure is a suggestion for Greenby Community Mental Health Centers Consultation and Education Department. The cost/benefit analysis finds, quantifies the amount, adds the positive factors, and the results are the benefits (Lewis, Packard & Lewis, 2006). Furthermore, cost/benefit analysis will identify, quantify, subtract the negatives, and the result is the cost. However, the variation amid the two indicates whether or not the plan of action is suitable. The technique to executing a cost/benefit analysis well is ensuring he or she includes each cost and each benefit as well as accurately quantify them (Reh, 2011).

The Director of the Consultation and Education Department can suggest cost/benefit analysis for the reason that the benefits of the program outweigh the cost. This department attracts clients and the mainstream of clients continues to partake in larger programs, which draw more funds. Consequently, if the Consultation and Education Department is cast off, other programs will suffer and client numbers will subside.

Outcome Evaluation Measure
Outcome evaluation will look at the basic components and is valuable when examining any type program. In the same way, outcome evaluation looks at programs as systems of inputs, such as activities and processes, outputs and outcomes. Inputs are resources and materials, which programs use involving activities or processes, to serve clients, staff, volunteers, facilities, equipment, and finances. These inputs are common to many organizational programs and are often simple to identify. Additionally, activities or processes, are measures the program follows relating to meeting the needs of clients' such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and counseling. When identifying the activities in a program, take notice of the focus remaining on organization or program alone, and not as much resting on client changes. (McNamara, n.d.)

On the other hand, outputs relate to the services the program provides, including; the number of people program is feeding,...

References: Lewis, J., Packard, T., & Lewis, M. (2006). Management of Human Services Programs (4th ed.).
Retrieved May 19, 2013 from http://managementhelp.org/evaluatn/fnl_eval.htm
Reh, F
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