Evaluating Sources

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Web Source Evaluation What is your expository essay topic? My expository writing essay is on Healthy Eating and Dieting. Provide the URL of the Website? http://www.amazinghealth.org/ Provide the name of the website? Amazing Health Primary use: Other: I read the articles for tips on: healthy eating and recipes. What is the purpose or goal of this Web site? The goal of the website is to help people discover how they can live longer and live life to the fullest! To help people implement some simple life-style changes that will dramatically change in how they feel from day to day - physically, mentally and spiritually. The websites aim is to provide people with the education and tools and the desire to help them experience Amazing Health What organization or individual created this site? All the people listed have helped contribute to building the website: Connie Kiefiuk is a presenter of Lifestyle Education Programs for 25 years; Dr. Walter J. Veith obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He is a Professor, Author, Lecturer, renowned scientist. Naturopathic Doctors, Rudy and Jeanie Davis and Katy Chamberlin, who is a free-lance writer and medical literature researcher Does this organization or individual have affiliations that might create a built-in bias toward the information? Explain your answer. I feel they will not have a built-in bias towards my information. The site has well documented and trusted information. They speak on reality terms and realistic goals. They map out diet plans and information that is very important to those that are looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. What other types of organizations are linked to this site? (Using the Google search engine, type link: and the Web site address [for example, link:www.Website.com]. http://www.daystarbotanicals.com/ http://www.familyhealthpub.com/ http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html Who is the

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