Evaluating Post-Apartheid South Africa Trade Unions

Topics: Trade union, Employment, Capitalism Pages: 5 (1812 words) Published: September 1, 2010
1.Marx had enormous faith in the trade unions because he saw that they were growing in numbers and getting stronger. Trade Unions protected workers against struggles with their employees. For Marx to believe in the success of the trade unions he saw that the unions had drive and they were in a positions where they needed the employees to give better working conditions and wages to workers. By developing that they had a common interest, they would work together to fight against the employees. In having one goal in mind they are able to combine together and form strong united Unions. The attack on competition among workers. Workers wages were cut because of new technologies that were becoming a great treat as machinery was improving rapidly and the employers where the ones who determined the wage level because there was not much competition in wage labour, workers had no option but to keep their jobs and fight for better working conditions, joint combination of different workers came together (Trade Union) to meet at this common interest of wage expansion this became the Union of workers. Unions seemed to be united and winning the struggle. Marx says “Union was helped by the improved means of communication that are created by modern industry and the place workers of different localities in contact with one another.” Marx saw that while industries grew so did the Unions because workers wanted to protect their wages interest, better working conditions while the industries grew and also workers from different parts of industries were able to come into contact because of the vast communication that was needed between industries to coordinated their business people outside their work place where able to socialize with other workers in the different industries because they might live the same area and want the same protection and fighting strength that Unions provided. This would make the trade Unions grow in masses. So if the industries grew so did the trade Union so you couldn’t necessary stop the growth of industries just because of trade unions being stronger? These Unions would break the barriers of classes and will help fight national struggle which would become a political struggle. Marx and Engels “Evolution of industrial capitalism provides preconditions of collections organization by throwing workers together in large numbers and creates the deprivation which spur them to combination.” Trade unions where organized regardless of their skills, they were prepared to take aggressive action in support of their wage cause and later leading to a political and social cause. What made the unions more strong and threatening it was because unions were no longer entrenched along the racial lines. Marx saw these unions as training grounds for social revolutionaries and overthrow private property to put an end to their enslavement.

2.Lenin and Trotsky had different opinions on the trade unions, on the way that they operated and their purpose. Lenin believes that this economic struggle that workers fort against their employees for a better commodity for their labour power. workers wanted their labour power to be sold off at better price and that certain working condition were consider as workers were unhappy with the current working conditions. Lenin would say that this was a trade union struggle because the workers differed in the type of job that they did. The unions were interested in supporting the workers to have rights in the workplace in the different industries. trade un ions were not going to affect economic stability it’s just that worker want a fair share of what the employers were getting out of the markets . They wanted better wages and considerable working hours. The trade unions knew that by fighting the employers would in turn force the government to pass new legislations that will be well suited for the workers. workers wanted to persuade government into giving into what they wanted which was these better working...
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