Evaluating Media for Credibility

Topics: Democratic Party, Barack Obama, 2008 Democratic National Convention Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Evaluating Media for Credibility

September 9, 2012
Anna S. Joy

Evaluating Media for Credibility
The first television news program that I watched was Fox News, channel 118 on Wednesday September 5, 2012. I watched from 4:30PM until 5:00PM. I joined the broadcast during the last half hour of the Your World with Neil Cavuto show. He was broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention. Guests and news clips appeared in quick succession during the time that I watched. It appeared that Mr. Cavuto seemed slightly amused by the people that he was interviewing. Specifically, Mr. Cavuto spoke with Larry Sabato who is a panelist for the UVA Center for Politics. It seemed like this interview was a vehicle for driving the point home that Mr. Cavuto believes that President Obama wants to be in total control of what message is presented by the Democratic Party. This point was reinforced later in the program when Mr. Cavuto interviewed Xavier Bacerra who is a Democratic Congressman from California. I felt that Mr. Bacerra was baited into making a negative comment about President Clinton’s endorsement of President Obama. Although Mr. Cavuto was cordial and respectful when talking to his guests, his interviewing tactics were heavy-handed, and seemed like thinly veiled attempts to discredit the Democratic Party. I found the entire program to be biased against the Democrats. All of the promotions for upcoming shows seemed to hammer the point that Fox News feels that Democrats are bad for our country. The entire 30 minutes felt desperate and contrived. I felt as though Fox News was presenting a tarnished image of the Democratic Party primarily because they feel the Republican candidate is not as appealing. At 5:00PM I switched to MSNBC, and watched for 30 minutes. The Hardball with Chris Mathews program was just starting. Mr. Mathews was also broadcasting live from the Democratic Convention. There was an...

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