Evaluating How to Make Axle Stand

Topics: Metalworking hand tools, The Tubes, Angle Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: March 28, 2007
Evaluate axle stand in terms of tools equipment and processes used in the making of it and comment on how these would be modified in real world engineering.

To make the support bar you would firstly decide upon a length to cut the bar. I covered the bar in engineers blue which is a stain and would help show up the marks that I was about to put on then after the engineering blue had dried I measured up 300mm of the bar and marked it up with a scriber and Then I clamped the length of bar into a bench vice to hold it still as I cut it with a hacksaw down to the correct length and filed off the burr using a standard file then using some more engineers blue if necessary then I set up a scribing block to mark the centre of the tube I marked the centre by placing the tube on top of 2 V blocks at either end which prevents the tubes from any movement that would otherwise occur therefore keeping it still all these would be placed on a surface table then you have a scribing block which can be set up to the right height then you move the scribing block across the tube putting on a little bit of pressure and when the line is done you need to get a ruler and measure along the line on the tube and mark out every 30mm using a scriber in line with the line that was made earlier and that should leave you with the guides for where the holes will be that the pin will be inserted into giving the axle stand different heights of workability. The tube would be fixed to a machine vice in order to be drilled using a 6mm drill bit then corresponding to safety procedures you bring the drill bit down through the tube and make sure it goes clearly through the bottom of the tube. Now the support bar is finished and ready to be attached. In real world engineering the support bar would be made by being loaded into onto a stop that would be set up to 300 mm from a power hacksaw which would be lifted up and placed on the bars and would be cut several at a time. Then they would fall into...
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