Evaluating Different Sources of Information
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Evaluating different sources of information 1. Introduction
With vast access to various types of information nowadays; it’s important to be able to distinguish truth and accuracy. The aim of this report is to evaluate the reliability of three different sources; a policy document, academic paper and newspaper articles in regards to space, place and culture. The objectives are to compare the listed sources through highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each source and to indicate when and how it might be appropriate to use them for a potential essay ‘The interaction between global and local processes in the creation of ‘places’. 2. What are Space, Place and Culture?
Space and place can be seen as an absolute structure or as a social experience with meaning, these play key roles in our culture; this system of shared meaning based on everyday life is central to a sense of identity. 3. The Policy Document
This policy document ‘Communities in control: Real people, real power’ is a government report based on policies or proposals of an issue. It discusses how local communities can be empowered through having more influence over local council policies and more access to information. 4.1. Advantages
The policy document was written by academics and practitioners so the information is reliable; published by the Department for Communities and Local Government so we can assume that the information is accurate. Also, the document is clear, explicit and easy to understand which is important as it’s aimed at the general public. It was printed in July 2008 so it’s recent information. However, this indicates it’s from the previous government and changes have been made to policies due to recent budget cuts so may no longer be up to date but can still be significant when analysing the past. 4.2. Disadvantages
However, the policy document may be politically biased because it’s a government document and also as stated on paragraph 58

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