Evaluating Business Communication

Topics: Ethics, Communication, Morality Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Evaluating Business Communication
How well did the communication convey the intended message? I think that the communiqués that we used as a team did convey the intended message. The overall team’s perception of the situation being presented was that Riordan Manufacturing did not have enough supporting facts to continue with the acquisition of JJJ. This opinion was expressed through the four different communication methods used by each team member. •Would another type of communication have been more appropriate? Why? I personally agreed with the interoffice memo, but did not like the idea of using text messages to communicate in this type of business environment. Specially, to communicate something that has to do with acquiring a company. I thought that it was very informal. On the other hand, I would probably use inter office emails as a communication method in this type of environment. •Is the communication at the appropriate level for the intended audience? Overall I would say yes. On the other hand, it is hard to answer to this question when the writing skills level differs amongst the team members. •How did the leadership styles in the scenario affect the communication within the group? I do not think that the leadership styles in the scenario affect the communication within the group. On the contrary, I personally believe that having different leadership styles is a positive thing in the business environment. In this particular case, is good to have an authoritarian leader who is very bottom-line oriented, like William, who will delegate and make sure that things are being done in benefit of the company, but at the same time is good to have a faire leadership style, whose focus is on policies and procedures, like Laissez´s, who will make sure that things are not only being done, but they are being done under the company’s rules and regulations. This will ensure business compliance. •What changes would you recommend to improve the communiqué?...
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