Evaluating and Comparing Artists, Ben Frost and Pricilla Bracks

Pages: 4 (1489 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Human Environment – Evaluating and comparing two artists.

Chosen Artists: Ben Frost and Pricilla Bracks.
A human environment, as defined by a glossary website is a ‘Natural and physical environment and the relationship of people with that environment including physical, biological, cultural, social, and economic factors in a given area.’ (http://www.cawater-info.net/bk/glossary/water_management/en/h.htm) Through the human environment that artists are in and depending on what events are occurring during present society, art will be manipulated and determined in many ways to present the environment that is surrounding a person. An environment will have a superficial affect on a human and this transformers a person to respond in such a way whether it be, as the glossary defines, physical, biological cultural or social. Artists are the same when their work is being manufactured and created. “Contemporary artists continue to explore the scope in diverse and personal ways”. Ben Frost is an Australian Kaleidoscope Pop Artist who is best known for his mash up paintings that are inspired by Graffiti around diverse areas of where he lives. Priscilla Bracks is also an Australian artist, and her work is based on her theory of the world, what her thoughts inhabit. Using photography illustration and installation to create work about human kind and how our future will arise from our ideas and thoughts of popular culture. Both environments of these two artists has sculptured and structured their art. Evaluating either of the environments to determine the type of physical element that was produced in the work is then to create an understanding of the importance of human environments and artistic work. Ben Frost was born in Brisbane, Australia. His work is not only very different but it’s quite large and bright and full of life. The majority of his pieces are of a collage style work and pop art, similar to Andy Warhol but modern and very vibrant work. Focussing on the ideas of...
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