Evaluate a Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk You Have Taken, or Ethical Dilemma you Have Faced and Its Impact on You

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A. Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. Follow no one else’s path instead make your own and leave a trail for others to follow. Life is like a race and we are its runners. And in this race of life there are to be many obstacles and sharp turns to come and bring us down. Opportunities and challenges will come and pass. But one decision has made a huge impact on my life, so significant that I have many opportunities. Growing up with my strict parents who spoil and love me too much has definitely brought me down through out my life. Being unable to participate in school sports, clubs, and other extra curricular activities because of my parents’ fear to injure or hurt me, I’d have to say, was a major setback for me. Not being able to with my friends just because I might hurt has definitely been a downer for me. I particularly remember one opportunity that I was too close to miss it out on. Excitement was within me as I saw that list of admitted students to Erdenet Mongolian-Turkish school. My parents, on the other hand, felt different. Their decision was set in stone, I could not go, because it would be too far from home, and I would be associating with people who can make you bad, I would have to stay at dormitory. But this time I resisted my parents. And for 2 years studying at that school I have learned to be strong and just grin and bear through hardships and setbacks all. And I have greatly appreciated my friends, who have been there for me through rough times, and the education I was able to receive. Education is the best opportunity anyone can have and it is one that I haven’t missed out on. And so I have appreciated my teachers who have been there for me when any challenges may arise. Friends and teachers, those are the ones that have helped me get back up when I fell. In this race of life there are many obstacles to make you

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