“ Evaluate the Significance of Trotsky’s Contribution to Soviet Russia. Was He a Practical Idealist or a Naïve Revolutionary?”

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Leon Trotsky 1879 – 1940
Sonny Thomas
“ Evaluate the significance of Trotsky’s contribution to Soviet Russia. Was he a practical idealist or a naïve revolutionary?”


Leon Trotsky, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein was one of the most foremost figures in the Russian revolution and civil war. Trotsky holds great significance to Soviet Russia as he provided both drive and organisation and is attributed to saving the Bolshevik revolution of November 1917. Some debate however does exist among historians as to whether Trotsky was a practical idealist or simply a naïve revolutionary. Trotsky’s vast impact and contribution to Soviet Russia is however undisputed and undeniable.

Trotsky’s contribution to Soviet Russia:

Trotsky performed many roles in terms of leadership, organisation and ideology that contributed to Soviet Russia. He was born on the 26th of October 1879 in southern Russia to a prosperous Jewish farming family. His father having a firm belief in education sent him to live with his extended family where he could attend a good school. Trotsky excelled yet held little interest in schooling preferring to engage in his own learning. Trotsky quickly developed an interest for politics and began to be exposed to left wing socialist ideas, which he subscribed to. After forming illegal socialist groups and taking part in political left wing activism Trotsky found himself jailed then exiled three times meaning Trotsky was in Geneva at the time of the 1905 revolt. When the news of revolution reached New York where Trotsky was situated he immediately embarked on a journey back to Russia but was however delayed for a month in Halifax being held in a concentration camp for German POWs. Upon returning to Russia Trotsky was now a prominent figure in the socialist movement providing exemplary revolutionary attributes being proficient as philosopher, writer, speaker polemicist, and a calculated risk taker....

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