Evaluate the regulation of care provisi

Topics: Children Act 1989, Education, Childhood Pages: 1 (476 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Unit 10 – D1 FS.
Evaluate the regulation of care provision for looked after children and young people In this, I will be evaluating of care provisions explaining the role and responsibility of each regulator. There are three altered types of regulator which are CQC Care Quality Commission, OFSTED – the office for standards in education and HCPC Health and Care Professional Council.

CQC Care Quality Commission
CQC is a regulator which regulates health and social care professions. They ensure that the services provided are all safe, fair and effective, the health and social care settings would be hospitals, GP’s, care homes etc. CQC, aims to treat everybody with respect and treat them equally, no matter what their background may be. They believe everybody is equal. This regulation has allowed people to have expectations of equality and kindness from the organisations, it allows them to have a voice and for children and young people, if there is ever a complaint, to be able to have a say. The progress is monitored regularly. CQC nurses vulnerable people such as children or young people are taken into consideration and at the centre of attention. CQC ensures that all of their services provided will be up for high standard and that all Human Rights will be met and its aim is to keep its users happy. The CQC, Care Quality Commission act is based around all of the legislations and policies, this can include things such as the children act etc. the children act is important to the regulation as they believe every child and young person should have equal rights and be treated fairly.

OFSTED – The Office for Standards in Education
Ofsted focuses on Childcare and young peoples section mostly. For example they regulate schools, colleges and other educational settings. Ofsted is connected closely to the government as it is dependent on them, its aim is to ensure that all child is safe and all educational environments meet standards and are safeguarding the...
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