Evaluate the Market Research Method Used by a Selected Organization

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D1 - evaluate the market research method used by a selected organisation Introduction
I am going to evaluate the market research methods I’ve used in P3 to carry out my marketing research into the restaurant industry; I will talk about the strength and weaknesses of the methods. In addition I will also give recommendations for improving the methods and justifications for improving them. Criteria

Recommendation from improving the method
Justification for improving the method
The strength of questionnaires is it can give an insight into respondent’s thoughts and opinions and also cost efficient as it is inexpensive. The weakness of questionnaire would be that respondents may be influenced the researcher and therefore compromise its validity. In addition questionnaires must be kept short to avoid confusing the respondent. To improve the method of questionnaires in my research would be to use a bigger sample size than 20 as it does not give a much broader insight into people’s opinions. The reason I would need to improve and use a bigger sample size is that 20 sample sizes does not give much insight into people’s thoughts and opinions as its too small and to improve my results I would need use a much bigger sample size maybe 300 at least. Office for National statistics (ONS)

The strength of using ONS statistics is that it’s a reliable source and well researched and doubled checked to make sure it’s correct. The weakness of ONS would be that it is time consuming as ONS produces wide range statistics from economy to market industry statistics. For example as I was researching for Maliah Miah into the restaurant industry, I had to browse ONS website and find the information that specific and relevant to my research which took I a bit of time. To improve this method I recommend using the search engine provided by ONS website to narrow down the information relevant and specific to your research. The reason this method needs improving is that it can be really time consuming to browse the ONS website for hours looking for information that is relevant to your research so it would be quicker using search engines to narrow down the information by typing into search engine bar. For example if you’re looking for statistics related to the restaurant industry you would type “restaurant industry” which would return a hit and results related to the restaurant industry and then pick out the information relevant to your research. Internet

The strength of using the internet for your research is that you have access to wide range of information; it’s also fast and time efficient. The weakness of using internet for your research is that it’s unreliable and its validity is comprised as you don’t know if the information you’re looking at is correct and up to date. To improve the method of using internet for your research , I would recommend checking the reliability of the information you’re looking and cross check your results to make sure that they are correct , in addition also check the time and date the information was last updated or modified as this gives you an idea of the accuracy of the information. The reason you would need to improve this method is that if you’re carrying out a research , your information needs to be reliable , up-to date and accurate and if it’s not your whole research ceases to be valid as it cannot be relied on to make decisions. Keynotes

The strength of using keynotes for your research is that its reliable and accurate as it’s produced by the city of business in Moorgate. In addition it records trends over the years and since its collection of information it’s easy to analyse. The weakness of using keynotes for your research are its time consuming to find specific information that is relevant to your research and also it may be expensive as you have to purchase it from the city of business library in Moorgate. My recommendation for improving keynotes as a method...
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