Evaluate the benefits for a company of practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

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I Gde Wiradhitya Samuhata

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PPP Indigo, Module 5, 2013

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Graham MacKinnell

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Evaluate the benefits for a company of practicing Corporate Social Responsibility

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1,400 words

Due date 26 June 2013

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Traditionally companies focus primarily on gaining profits without regard for the community and environment. Ignoring the waste and pollution for example causes adverse impact for the social. Air pollution, for example, caused by factories with chemical materials can weaken respiration system. It was believed that the concern about environment produces extra expenditures reducing firm’s profit. Thus, they tend to override and ignoring the issue. In contrary, majority of the costumers expect more respects, supports, and cares from factories for the communities and environment. In addition, the government through policies has tried to force the corporations being care about their responsibilities. However, a concept including strategy to build a good relationship between corporations and their stakeholders has been introduced. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), the concept, has been practiced and developed since the 1970s receiving good responses from government and society around the world. CSR today is performed as a strategic management approached. A research by Preuss (2011, p. 23) mentions the 4Ps of innovative CSR on the basis of CSR project content, processes,

References: Fenn, R 2013, ‘Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility’, Sustainable Business Toolkit, 14 May, viewed 22 May 2013, Galbreath, J 2009, ‘Building corporate social responsibility into strategy’, European Business Review, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 109-127. Ingenhoff, D & Sommer, K 2011, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Communication: A Multi-method Approach on Stakeholder Expectations and Managers ' Intentions’, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Iss. 42, pp. 73-90. Madzimure, J 2013, ‘Let’s embrace corporate social responsibility’, Nehanda Radio, 19 May, viewed 22 May 2013, Preuss, L 2011, ’Innovative CSR: A Frame Work for Anchoring Corporate Social Responsibility in the Innovation Literature’, Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Iss. 42, pp. 17-33.

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