Evaluate Media and Suppiers for a Local Campaign

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Evaluate Media and Suppliers for a Local Campaign.

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In order for the client to have the most effective advertising for their campaign , they should be aware of the wide range of media available to them. A report has been drawn up to discuss local categories and suppliers in order to select the most appropriate.

1.Media Section : Newspapers

1.1 Name of Newspaper : The Daily Record

Established in 1895, The Daily Record is Scotland’s best read daily newspaper having a readership of 912,000. The 6-day-a-week paper is located in Glasgow and is part of the Mirror Trinity group who also own publications such as Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror. The tabloid newspapers has the latest world news along with home news. Also featured in the paper are weekend supplements such as ‘Saturday Plus’ which features Tv Listings and Entertainment. There are also supplements that concentrate on the following areas, Recruitment, Travel, Motors, Business, Property, Entertainment, Loans and Finance, Sports. and Retail.

Companies that have previously advertised with The Daily Record are : ŸRamsay World travel
ŸDFS Furniture
ŸFirst Glasgow
ŸArnold Clark Automobiles
ŸDF Concerts

Distribution and Readership

The Daily Record is Scotland’s best-red daily newspapers. The paper has a total circulation of 328,001 and a readership of 952,000. The newspaper is available throughout Scotland in newsagents, supermarkets, stores like WHSmith and even street vendors in City Centres.

Target Audiences

The core audiences that read The Daily Record are :
ŸMen & Women of ABC1 socio economic class
Ÿ393,000 are betweeen the ages of 15-44
Ÿ519,000 are 45+ of age.

Ad Ratios

The ad ratio within the daily record is as follows :

Available Advertising and Rates

ŸColour Page - 1 ins - £48,300.00
ŸColour Half - 1 ins - £24,150.00
ŸMono Page - 1 ins - £37,400.00
ŸMono Half - 1 ins - £18,700.00

1.2. Name of newspaper : Metro (Scotland)

The Metro was launched in March 1999 as a London only free newspaper . It was designed to be a concise read containing bite-sized national and international news, along with local information. Also contained with the newspaper were sections about entertainment previews, weather and travel. Today the Metro is available in 16 ‘urban areas’ every weekday morning & has 3.4 million loyal, daily readers. Metro is published by Associated Newspapers who also publish The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

Companies who have previously advertised with Metro include: ŸReiss
ŸComic Relief
ŸJack Daniels

Distribution and Readership

Metro newspapers are distributed on public transport networks (trains, trams, buses and underground) and in high-traffic commuter zones in major cities. The majority of copies are picked up from ‘Metro-bins or racks’. Often the metros are left on transport after the person has read through the paper letting other people to come and enjoy it. Currently the readership for Metro in Scotland is 124,538.

Target Audience

The core audiences that read Metro newspapers are :
Ÿ18-44 years old.
ŸFull-time working/ Students
ŸHave and ‘urban Life’ or are called ‘Urbanites’

Available Advertising and Rates

ŸMono Scc - 1 ins - £19.50
ŸColour scc - 1 ins - £25.00

Also advertising that is available is Sponsorship, Competitions, Cover Wraps, Glossy inserts, Gatefolds, Features, Reader Offers and Advertorials.

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