Evaluate How Effective Sand Play Was

Topics: Developmental psychology, Pencil, Children Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Monitor how children use the prepared area and evaluate how effective it has been Activity conducted 8th January 2013
When given the choice of seven activities all three of the children, aged two years old, went straight for the sandpit to draw letters in the sand with thick and long sticks. The children doing the activity love to draw by making shapes and different movements with a variety of implements, for example paint, colouring pencils or chalk, which is similar to writing in the sand in many different ways. This means spelling out the letters in the sand can be used as a way of stimulating interest in writing. Whilst spelling letters in the sand pit the children were developing in many different ways. In terms of personal, social and emotional development the children were all confident to try a new activity, initiated ideas about the sand and made links to the beach and all spoke happily in the small group. Whilst I was instructing the children as to what we would be doing they sat quietly, maintained concentration and attention. They then took off their shoes and socks independently, demonstrating they can manage their own personal hygiene by undressing. One child in particular was very keep to be shown how to draw the letters and showed a real interest to learn. It also enabled me to continue building a good relationship with the children. In terms of physical development it gave the children to use a range of small and large equipment, mainly a variety of sized sticks. The children were handling the sticks and other objects safely and with increased control. In terms of communication, language and speech development the children used language to imagine and recreate experiences, ideas and feelings they had that related to sand. They were not very good at taking it turns in conversation, which made it challenging to have group conversations. By doing this sort of activity enabled the children to extend their vocabulary, exploring the meanings and...
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