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Review and evaluate the group work involved in creating your poster Initially the prospect of working as part of a group for the first assignment was unnerving and I can fully understood why it is “one of the most emotionally charged areas of university life”1, I also felt nervous about working as part of a group because, like other students, I “did not want my grade based on the effort – or lack of effort – of other people”2. However, after thinking about the concept of group work my opinion changed slightly as I feel that my first assignment would have been more daunting working independently as “group work offers support and tasks are easier when they are shared”. My past experiences of group work have not been overly successful or pleasant so the thought of being set an assignment based on an unfamiliar topic with a group of three boys who were effectively strangers unsettled me slightly. I was however made to feel optimistic about working in a group because it has been proven that there is “positive academic outcomes reported from the use of leaderless learning groups”3. Even though the first meeting with my poster group was informal and relaxed it was daunting however once I’d met them I felt more at ease as I felt like I was in “a group with shared goals”4 . The group consisted of three males and one female, one of which seemed overly confident in his knowledge of breach of duty and as such took a stance as the group leader. It was apparent that his presence at the group first group meeting allowed the other three members to relax. However, this also created problems as it seemed that “bad habits developed”5 and these accepted bad behaviours, in particular rearranging meetings or not being productive in meetings that were attended, became “the norm in the group”6. Although I initially thought that the more confident boy in the group had taken it upon himself to become the group leader he continuously missed meetings and seemed disinterested in the work....

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