Evaluate Claims That Marilyn Monroe's Death Was a Conspiracy

Topics: Conspiracy theory, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Evaluate Claims That Marilyn Monroe’s Death Was a Conspiracy Conspiracy theories are a very popular part of today’s social structure. They allow room for a person’s imagination and creativity to blossom, as well as satisfying an individual’s basic need for control. A conspiracy theory is defined as an explanatory proposition that accuses a group, organization or singular person of covering up an event or phenomenon which has had great political, social or economic impact. They use the person’s psychological need for control and order and create a truth using many logical fallacies like the bandwagon effect and shotgun argumentation. However, conspiracy theories can also create conflict and uncertainty between the authorities and the public. One of the most famous conspiracies of the last century surrounds the death of film star Marilyn Monroe on August 4th 1962. Like other conspiracy theories such as the murder of John F Kennedy or the 9/11 terrorist attack the death of Munroe reshaped our society by not only questioning the official version of events but by asking deeper questions of societies values. Munroe like all conspiracy theories has a common goal: to spark a potential believer’s imagination through patternicity, logical fallacies and pure curiosity of the unknown. When news erupted of Marilyn Monroe’s death the media claimed it was suicide. However, many conspiracy theorists and a large proportion of the general public at the time and indeed to this day believe she was murdered. With eyewitness accounts, suspicious tapes and an autopsy report, it will become evident that far from being a conspiracy, it will be shown that Marilyn Monroe’s death was in fact murder. Marilyn’s childhood has been promoted by those who believe Monroe’s death was suicide to support their argument. Munroe grew up in a very unstable environment – her mother, Gladys Jeane, suffered from mental illness and was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution for threatening a close...

Bibliography: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1299496/Marilyn-Monroes-weekend--told-time-eyewitnesss-account-row-Frank-Sinatra-friends-fear-signed-death-warrant.html#ixzz14MaxL6ws
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