Evaluate and Enhance Performance Appraisal System of Training Consultancy & Development Department of Posts and Telecommunications Training Center 1

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evaluate and enhance performance appraisal system of training consultancy & development department of posts and telecommunications training center 1


Professor Hoang Van Hoa

Prepared by

Nguyen Thanh Huyen & Nguyen Thu Huong

(MBA intake 9)

Hanoi 2011

We would like to express our great appreciation for the valuable guidance given by Dr. Hoang Van Hoa to help us complete this project. Indeed we have benefited not only from his academic knowledge but also from his practical expertise in management in order to understand the issues and shortcomings of the organization we are doing research on, and to brainstorm ideas for positive changes that could be made within the organization.

We also would like to express our since thanks to Mr. Tran Quang Huy – Director of Posts and Telecommunications Training Center 1 (PTTC1) and his many colleagues who have provided us lots of information and really helped us gain access to the organization to conduct our research. Without the intensive surveys and interviews being held with the staff in PTTC1, we could not have accomplished our goals in building up new ideas and suggestions for improvements.

Last but by no means least, we would like to deeply thank the Belgium professors from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the many tutors from the National Economic University as well as our dear classmates at MBA9, it has been a great journey and we have enjoyed so much both learning and sharing knowledge with you.


Established in 1999 as an official training organization of Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), the Posts and Telecommunications Training Center 1 (PTTC1) has been considered as the leading training organization in telecommunication sector of Vietnam. In a long term plan to develop the organization, Mr. Tran Quang Huy, the Director of PTTC1 considers that having a strong team is the key factor and he has paid a lot of attention and efforts to improve the performance appraisal system of the organization, especially for the core team – Training Consultancy & Development department

With the invitation of the Director of PTTC1 to carry out a research on the performance appraisal system of Training Consultancy & Development department, and with the aim to give an objective observation by the third party, authors decided to choose the topic “Evaluate and Enhance Performance Appraisal system for Training Consultancy & Development department of Post and Telecommunication Training Center 1 (PTTC1)” for the final project of Vietnam Belgium MBA Program.

The final project aims to study at the following objectives:

1) To find out the current problems and their root reasons in performance appraisal in Training Consultancy & Development department of PTTC1 - whose functions is as sale team of organization.

(2) To propose some practical recommendations for management team of PTTC1 to improve the performance appraisal system

To solve these two objectives, the study bases on the theory three steps of performance appraisal process. Basing on this theory, authors use quantitative approach by designing a questionnaire survey to all training consultancy staff...
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