Evacuation Order N.19 Hero Essay

Topics: Leadership, Hero, Emergency evacuation Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Evacuated? Yes. Enervated? No
Everyone wants to be a hero, even if in a small way - to be admired, respected, or even, accepted. A trait that identifies every hero is that they don’t give up. To many people, a hero is their favorite actor or celebrity, but to some, they are as simple and as ordinary as their family member. A hero doesn’t have to jump in front of a bullet to save another or perform something extraordinary to be a hero. In the story, “Evacuation Order N.19”, the protagonist, Mrs.Hayashi became a leader and controlled the entire situation. By displaying both these acts of heroism, it is enough to prove Mrs. Hayashi a Hero.

Stepping up and taking charge, simply leadership, is a display of heroism. Since White Dog was old (717) and wouldn’t be allowed to to camp, Mrs. Hayashi stepped up and ended her miseries by taking on the task by killing it (718). Despise her strong attached feelings for her dog, she did it because it was better than to leave it where it won’t have source for food or care. As a leader, smart decisions have to be made so Mrs. Hayashi also made sure that her children neither saw nor knew about it, so they wouldn’t have to feel upset, it was the best decision. Additionally, Mrs. Hayashi exhibited leadership when she took on the challenge of starting to work, since her husband died (729). As a single parent, it is always hard to budget a family, but Mrs. Hayashi, a true hero, did not give up, and started to clean people’s houses for money. This shows that her love to her children is stronger than the pain she goes through, so that’s why she succeeds as a true leader. In final consideration, serving as a leader by taking on tasks, even as hard and as ordinary as keeping a family, is enough to prove one as a hero.

Mrs. Hayashi’s demonstrated calmness by controlling the entire situation also proves that she is a Hero. Mrs. Hayashi controlled the situation when she put up a brave front when she said to her children that “tomorrow...
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