Evacuation of Children from Britain's Major Cities During the Second World War

Topics: World War II, World War I, Anti-aircraft warfare Pages: 3 (1280 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Evacuation is the removal of vulnerable people form an area that could possibly be a likely target. There were many reasons as to why children were evacuated during world war two, theese reasons did not only have affect on the children but it also had effect on their parents and Britain winning the war. The children were evacuated to the country simply because it would be much safer for them there, as no bombs were expected to hit the countryside. There were many practical reasons as to why children were evacuated form Britain during the war , such as vulnerability. Children were extremely Vulnerable and so it would be extremely difficult for them to cope in such extreme urban conditions. The children would suffer if their parents died form bombs or other war materials. So it was better to have them out of the way were no mental harm would come to them. The children would also benefit from being in the countryside because they would have more chance on continuing their education. If they had stayed in targeted cities their education would be limited as many male teachers would be fighting in the war or the children would often have to evacuate schools during air raids. Education would not have been thorough . The last practical reason is war work and moral. Be cause this this war was a total war, it needed to be fought from home and so children would become a hindrance. Children under 15 were not to do war work and so evacuation of children would have nonnegative impact on the war effort , what so ever. This also freed parents in the cities to do more work to help the war effort. If they did not have to look after the children then the only major responsibilty they had as to help the war effort, which in the long term would lead to victory. If parents were constantly worried that their children were not safe, when fighting or helping the war effort, then moral would be damaged. The fact the parents are not concentrating would mean work would not be done...
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