Evacuation in Ww2

Topics: World War II, Emergency evacuation, Rural area Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Evacuation was imperative in Britain in the war years for the safety of its people. It protected children from the devastation that war generated throughout Britain's major cities. Had they stayed to face it, their lives would have been almost certainly ruined or often taken by air raids. Evacuation gave these children and Britain a future to look to after the war. However, there were problems facing the hosts and evacuees alike during these years. Evacuation uncovered many social ills and did not entirely protect children from trauma. Evacuation highlighted many cultural and lifestyle clashes, with city life opposing rural life. Many mothers were uncertain in the first place whether to evacuate their children- naturally separation of parents from their offspring caused a lot of heartache on both sides. Children were evacuated, but people were not enthusiastic about it; and in the years before the Blitz it became apparent to some people that the major cities were not going to be...... Not all peoples reactions and opinions were the same when the policy of evacuation came to light in the second world war. Some people thought of evacuation as pointless and a waste of time and money. Many people thought that German Bombers could get you were ever you went, whether you stayed in the town, or moved into safety in the country. On the other hand, some people thought evacuation was a good idea. It meant that their children stayed safe and that the children would be given a better chance of survival out in the country. At the start of world war two, children were evacuated into the countryside. The government made sure evacuation happened as soon as possible because they expected that Germany would send its bombers over... The government knew that cities would be bombed, and thought that gas would be used. A million coffins were prepared. It was feared that many child casualties would affect morale, so pressure was put on parents to send the children away to the safety...
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