Eva Luna

Topics: Prostitution, The Streets, Luna Island Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Chapter Five Analysis
The start of this chapter focus’ on the various jobs that Eva had. Noting that she rarely held a position, due to either her efforts or the patrons own effect. Chapter five begins with a scandal involving her Madrina. Eva Luna’s Madrina gives birth to a still-born child that has two heads, one black and one white. The mother discarded the child and this results with an uproar from the public calling her ‘The Little Monster Murderess’, this drive the madrina into madness and disappears for a long time collecting Eva’s wages. Madrina goes to Eva’s workplace and threatens the patrons and she became angry and fired Eva. Elvira becomes extremely distraught and the idea of being separated from Elvira but Elvira always managed to visit Eva when she can. Eva then finds a new workplace with a widow Yugoslavian woman who treats her well. This woman had invented a material called Universal Matter, which can be formed to recreate almost anything once painted. This patron states “The day this county falls into the hand of the communists, evita, I will kill you so you won’t have to suffer at their hands, and then blow your own head off”. This is an example of a reference to politics that is an evident theme within this book. Eva’s work ended her as she Yugoslavian patron was “crazed with fear” and wanted to leave the company, due to the cruel antics to cats and she “was determined to escape the county before the Bolsheviks did to her what they did with the cats”. Eva’s Madrina then found Eva new work in the house of the Cabinet Minister. Her new patron was divorced, without any children or friends, and lived in a house which was much too big for him. There were many empty rooms in this house. Eva spent a long time exploring this house, listening to the radio and daydreaming about the locked rooms. Eva’s two jobs here were to shine the misiter’s shoes and emptying his chamber pot. After a few days of doing the second job Eva felt like “she was dying...
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