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My family and I have been travel with EVA Airways most of the time when we have to travel to other countries. Nevertheless, I was not the one who chose the airlines but my parents did. There are many other choices but why EVA Airways. I was wondering the reasons behind it. Moreover, I am interesting in working under EVA Airways after graduation. Therefore, I would like to know more about this company in more detail for future benefits when applying for the job at EVA Airways. Background

EVA Airways is a Taiwan based airline company under Evergreen group that provides cabin and cargo services to over 40 destinations. EVA Airways has established since 1989 as a private international airline by the company’s founder Chang Yung-Fa for its parent company’s, Evergreen Marine Corporation, 20th anniversary celebration. Evergreen Marine Corporation is the world famous shipping line in terms of container operation. EVA Airways began flying on July 1, 1991 to Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Penang, and Seoul. By the end of the same year, EVA Airways added a few other stops in East Asia. EVA Airways launched a nonstop route between Taipei and Los Angeles and Taipei-Seattle-Newark route for entering the United States market and became the first Asian carrier to serve the Newark airport in 1992. EVA Airways expanded the route to London’s Heathrow airport in 1993. By 1995, the company was operating 20 aircraft and expanding the route network to London and Paris. The airline carried more than three million passengers a year and cargo was accounting for 30 percent of revenue. In 1999, the company goes public (EVA Airways Corporation History, 2003). The major shareholders are Evergreen Marine Corporation and Evergreen International Corporation. According to EVA Airways official website, the chairman of EVA Airways is now Mr. Cheng, Kuang-Yuan and president is Mr. Chang, Kuo-Wei. The number of employee is 5,807 as the end of 2011. Because of the increase in percentage of sales devoted to cost of goods sold and expenses, net income of the company was shrink from $400 million to $7 million year over year (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2012). Marketing/Image

According to EVA Airways corporate mission, EVA Airways formed core values promoting safe, punctual flights, friendly professional services and innovative efficient operations (EVA Airways, n.d.). Recently, EVA Airways has launched a brand new class called Royal Laurel Class with the route to United State. For EVA Airways, safety is the priority. AirSafe has the article that states that EVA Airways has not had any aircraft losses or passenger fatalities in its operational history (AirSafe, 2010). EVA Airways rarely use advertisement or commercial on promoting. Customers are obtaining information mainly from internet. Instead of promoting through creating commercial and advertisement, EVA Airways focus more on the actual products and services. EVA Airways has earned numerous domestic and international awards. The latest product and service quality awards are the 2011 Top 10 International Airline from US Travel & Leisure Magazine and 2012 Best Airline Staff Service in Asia from SkyTrax (EVA News, 2012). According to my research, in terms of safety, EVA Airways also awarded numerous time by aviation-industry magazines, such as Aero International, and international Flight Safety Foundation. Moreover, EVA Airways earns Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Award in 2008 by achieving six core qualities (trustworthiness, credibility of image, quality, value, understanding of consumers’ needs, and the ability to innovate). Most of the awards earned are based on the surveys of customer satisfaction and historical data for safety awards. We can state that even the company does not have much advertisement and commercial, the company is still able to raise brand awareness and build up its reputation through its service excellence and its trustworthiness (safety)....
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