Euthyphro- Plato

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Euthyphro- Plato
Alexia Manigault
PHI 200 Mind and Machine
Michelle Loudermilk
October 2, 2012

In the writing called Euthyphro by Plato, Socrates is being charged with corrupting the youth and not believing in all of the Gods. He is being accused of this by a man named Meletus who feels as though he is guilty of not believing in the Gods of the states. Not only does he not believe in the Gods but he is accused of making up new ones. The crimes that he is being charged with go hand in hand with each other but he maintains his innocence because he feels he isn’t guilty. While on the other hand Euthyphro is prosecuting his father and indicting him for murder. Morally Euthyphro feels as though it’s the right thing to do and his family doesn’t agree only because it’s his father. In this essay I will summarize the dialogue and its message relating to piety/holiness.

The concept of holiness is all throughout the dialogue because it’s the subject of the entire writing which is based on religious views. A lot of what we feel is right or wrong stems from religion. In most religion murdering someone is an act of wrong doing. Prosecuting the murderer which shall make him/her has consequences behind the action in seen as the right thing to do and for Euthyphro the right thing to do in the eyes of God is to punish his father for his heinous act. Euthyphro and Socrates go back and forth on what is pleasing and unpleasing to the Gods based on moral and ethical values.

After sometime of exchanging words with one another Socrates posed the question what is piety? Or in other words if someone is pious or Impious what should their character be like?
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