Euthenasia Speech

Topics: Suicide, Family, Homicide Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: May 31, 2014
2 in 3 of doctors don’t agree with euthanasia
Ladies, gentlemen, honourable chair, esteemed members of the floor and opposition school House. In this speech I will outline the main points of why we at seven hill believe that euthanasia should be prohibited. But specifically on how the technology and the impacts on close relatives this procedure can cause. During the past decade, scientists have made remarkable medicinal progress in helping to treat illnesses through different remedies and substances. We have unlocked so many new resources that we are helping to resolve the problems that people have and improving their living conditions. Thus there are always new cures coming through, so as Ollie will touch on as well, if someone does choose to have assisted suicide and goes through with it, but later a new cure is found it can have detrimental effects on both the doctor and family. Especially as we have recently seen in the last week, as a major breakthrough has been made on stem cells, which could have a very influential effect on cancer. So many of those people and families who have had to witness or undergo an assisted suicide would have much regret from this. An example of this when After Rebecca Badger, killed herself, her daughter Christy discovered the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was wrong. The autopsy showed that her mother did not have MS and, if she had sought a second opinion instead of assisted suicide, might still be alive today. Christy describes the suicide experience and what has followed in one word: "Overwhelming."

During the decision and undergoing of the medical procedure of euthanasia, many people are saddened for what troubles the families of the person are going through. For this gruelling procedure does not just affect the individual it is the people who have to try and pick up the pieces. For this is shown in the book What's Wrong with Assisted Suicide, anti-euthanasia activist Brian Johnston when he conducted studies on the...
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