Euthanasia: Death and Healthy Mental State

Topics: Death, Suicide, Suffering Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Topic: Euthanasia

Thesis: I think euthanasia should be legalized in the United States because of three points: put an end to the suffering of a human life, let the family’s of the patients be at peace, and so that good doctors do not go to jail just for helping another person move on.

Possible Introduction: Euthanasia also known as assisted suicides; it is often used to put to rest the terminally ill. Terminally ill patients, who have about 12 months to live or so, and at are a healthy mental state, should be able to decide if he should keep on living, or end the pain now.

Main Point 1: Stopping the pain.
Sub-point 1(opposing): It is a sin to commit suicide or take the life of another. Sub-point 2: By doing the procedure it will end a very painful and agonizing last few months to live. Sub-point 3: People should have the right to be able to make a decision with more options and this is a big option.

Main Point 2: No more difficulties for the family.
Sub-point 1(opposing): They could influence the ill person towards suicide. Sub-point 2: Watching a beloved family member suffer for so long is a very hard thing for anyone to go through. Sub-point 3: keeping someone in the hospital for so long has a huge financial toll on the families.

Main Point 3: Keeping innocent doctors out of jail.
Sub-point 1 (opposing): They are murders for killing these people, and accomplices in suicide. Sub-point 2: These doctors sole purpose of killing them is to stop their suffering and anguish. Sub-point 3: The killings are mercy killings; they do it for the patients and the families and shouldn’t be punished for them.

Possible Conclusion: There are some down side to legalizing euthanasia, but I believe the positive out weight the negative by a lot. There can be many more arguments made, but in the end the real decision depends on the person at the end of the day if he wants to go through with it or not.

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