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Euthanasia Be Legalized in the Philippines

By dreamsolas Feb 25, 2013 491 Words
DYING IS NOT A CRIME. –Jack Kevorkian
Good Afternon ladies and gentlemen, We the affirmative group, believe that Euthanasia should be legalized in the Philippines. But before we proceed, what is Euthanasia?
Euthanasia is a means of relieving a person from his mortal sufferings and is performed to a person who is under extreme pain or is considered as biologically dead. A survey conducted by the Philippine Cancer Society indicates that 65% to 75% of the 37,623 cancer patients who die annually experience unrelieved pain. The reason behind this, is that the family members want to keep their cancer patient alive, hoping that he will survive, and they help him achieve this by giving him medicines and connect him to life support devices until they eventually die without having their pain relieved, but what greater help can we give him than to aid him to relieve him of his mortal pain? We believe that Euthanasia is an answer to this problem and it is necessary because of these reasons: A. Address the need of relief to patients who are under extreme pain and suffering B. Exercise the patient’s right to life and give the patient a choice C. Obliterate Ignorance about euthanasia

Euthanasia addresses the need of relief to patients who are under extreme pain and suffering. This reason is obvious knowing that the reason for performing euthanasia is technically to relieve the pain of a patient. In other cases, euthanasia also gives the patient a dignified death: death without pain. A common misconception about life is that it is about being alive. We, the affirmative side believe that life means something livable. Which leads us to our second point that Euthanasia can exercise the patient’s right to life. Imagine a person who is in between the boundaries of life and death and is suffering extreme pain. What could be more humane than to put to rest that person? Keeping him alive while he is in extreme pain will not make his life livable. How can life be livable if you have extended your life as a vegetable? Another misconception about euthanasia is that when it is legalized a person who is sick or terminally ill, he will immediately be placed under euthanasia. Contrary to common belief, Euthanasia is a choice. Patients are given the choice to end or continue his life. Included in the legalization of Euthanasia would be an introduction and instruction about euthanasia. While we agree that it would be acceptable in cases of severe, intractable physical pain, it is suggested that it is not legitimate if motivated by emotional pain or depression. The appropriate response in such cases is to provide “counseling and caring.” Euthanasia shouldn’t be viewed as something detrimental. It is a means of relief to people who suffer extreme cases. After all, Euthanasia is about giving a person the chance of life, a chance to choose, and an opportunity to be educated.

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