Topics: Persistent vegetative state, Death, Brain death Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: April 27, 2014
 EUTHANASIA: A Christian View

Interview with a minister of Global Enlightment Center Church. 1. Personal believes and views on voluntary and assisted euthanasia Euthanasia can be a very difficult issue. There are two views to the debate that are difficult to balance. On one end, we do not want to take a person’s life into our own hands and end it prematurely. On the other end, at what point do we simply allow a person to die and take no further action to preserve life? The overriding truth that drives the conclusion that God is opposed to euthanasia is His sovereignty. We know that physical death is inevitable (Psalm 89:48; Hebrews 9:27). However, God alone is sovereign over when and how a person's death occurs. Job testifies in Job 30:23, “I know you will bring me down to death, to the place appointed for all the living.” Ecclesiastes 8:8a declares, “No man has power over the wind to contain it; so no one has power over the day of his death.” God has the final say over death. Euthanasia is man's way of trying to usurp that authority from God.

2. What are your views based on.
Death is a natural occurrence. Sometimes God allows a person to suffer for a long time before death occurs; other times, the person's suffering is cut short. No one enjoys suffering, but that does not make it right to determine that a person is ready to die. Often God's purposes are made known through a person's suffering. “When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other…” (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Romans 5:3 teach that tribulations bring about perseverance. God cares about those who are crying out for death to end their suffering. God gives purpose to life even to the end. My views are on God’s word,only God knows what is best, and His timing, even in the matter of one's death, is perfect. 3. Should life sustaining treatment be withdrawn when a competent or a person in PVS requests. At the same time, the Bible...
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