Topics: Euthanasia, Death, Suffering Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Argumentative Essay: Euthanasia

“The fundamental question about euthanasia: whether it is a libertarian movement for human freedom and the right of choice or, an aggressive drive to exterminate the weak, the old, and the different. This question can be answered. It is both.” (Richard Fenigsen), Dutch Cardiologist.

Euthanasia has helped numerous suffering patients and families throughout the years. Though there are many pro and cons to this claim. Some portions of the population believe that this action is going against of god by killing people, but wasn’t it god who said to not let one suffer? Euthanasia can be useful when no other options are left and the patient will only get worse not better, though the patient must choose this on their own. There are 2 Types of euthanasia, euthanasia by commission, which is illegal, and euthanasia by Omission, which is legal. Many support this claim because euthanasia would help with medical availability, it is the patients right of choice, and the patient is in unbearable pain. We should be teaching doctors the right way to use this method if such patient asks. It would be inhuman, unfair, and unkind if we did not at least consider this method of action.

Euthanasia would help medical availability around the world. Each year approximately 2.3 million Americans die every year. About 50% those deaths die without warning, that 50% of which could have had the choice to die. They wouldn’t just suddenly case their family pain and grief over their sudden demise. Death wouldn’t have snuck on them, they would have been ready and so would their family. It costs a lot of money to keep patients alive, money that should be going to the other medical needs of someone who absolutely needs help. Patients often wonder when their next medical bill is and if they’ll have enough money for the one thing that will keep them alive. Since it costs less than $50.00 the patient wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. They wouldn’t have...

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