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Europian Imperialism

By nisreenmoghrabi May 06, 2013 440 Words
The History of Imperialism

Since the dawn of time the human race craved the idea of superiority. As time progressed in history our mind set remained; a constant hunger for power above the rest. Whether it was in North America, India, or Africa wherever there were people, there was imperialism. Even today we are still faced with a some-what modest intention of dominance.

Looking back in history one of the first major conflict with imperialism took place in India. The India-Britain situation began when India demanded independence after 90 long years of being ruled under the British Empire. The Indian people desperately wanted to be declared an independently ruled country. This started the break out of a huge war ending in the death of approximately 350,000 innocent Indian civilians. Finally after a tireless almost 50 year struggle Indian was proclaimed as an officially self-governing country.

In our own home country we were struck by Europe’s wrath. When the British discovered Canada they claimed it as their own. They reacted to the habitance of the Aboriginal peoples (who where native to the land) with great cultural-superiority and racism. Convincing the aboriginals to come over to Britain they were forced into slavery for a very long period. Eventually the British had completely overtaken North America and striped the aboriginals of their culture. They were look at and treated as animals are, the British took advantage of their naïve ways to easily gain power over not only the people, but their land as well.

Even in Africa the Europeans brag disturbance. In the late 1800’s the British viewed Africa desired land and the “Scramble for Africa” began. Thirsty for absolutely any power the Europeans decided to hunt on the weak prey, Africa who without a doubt would lose any battles regarding colonization. However power wasn’t their only motive, Africa being a country rich with various high demanded good such as gold, copper, cocoa beans, and cheep labourers made it a very profitable continent. European countries such as France, Germany, and Spain began to fight over African imperialism; the violent scramble was put to an end by the berlin conference. This conference decided which country obtained power over individual pieces of Africa. There were various reasons why the battle for Africa began but it all ties back to supremacy and eurocentrism.

As you can see the Europeans were very smart powerful people however their outlook on globalization was to dominate, and so they did. The game of power and money existed in out past and still does today. Imperialism has completely shaped our world and will continue to.

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