European Union

Topics: European Union, European Parliament, Democracy Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Assignment 10:
1. Explain the problem of ‘democratic deficit’ and suggest possible solutions to the issue.

The democratic deficit, in general terms, is a problem related with the incapacity of the EU institutions to represent and support most of the European population, as it is supposed to do. This problem is also related with the “level of own control” that the member states have if different aspects that are considered to be decided in EU institution levels. From my point of view, a good idea to decrease the existent level of democratic deficit would be to increase the strength of the national parliaments in the legislative process of the EU as well as giving them back the ability of control some fields that maybe should not be controlled by the EU.

2. Discuss the importance of democracy within the European integration process.

In order to focus in the importance of the democracy in the European integration process, I can say that the democracy is the base of the EU. From the beginning, if there had not been democracy probably the EU would not exist as we now it today. The EU basis talk about no dictatorial regimens, peaceful resolution of conflicts, active political participation of the European citizens… If we take a look of these points, we find that they are the same as the basic principles of democracy. Regarding the European integration process, I think it is enough to mention that one of the access criteria points in order to enter into the EU for other countries is having a democracy. Knowing this, we can guess about the importance of this concept in the whole European integration process.

3. Is the formation of tangible European consciousness necessary for the promotion of European democracy?

In my opinion it is true that a European consciousness is needed in order to promote a European democracy. The reason why I think like this is so simple: “if something is wanted is because someone wants it”. What I mean with that phrase...
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