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European Thinkers

By gdicalogero May 06, 2013 536 Words
Since there were more discoveries in science, European thinkers such as Hobbes, Locke, and Wollstonecraft had huge impacts on the government and human life. They each had their separate ways of thinking and perusing things. Human life was obviously the problem and each of them had different perspectives on dealing with the issue.

Thomas Hobbes was a political philosopher and believed that people were self-centered. He believed that everyone should be treated equal and that no one man is better than anyone else. He also had no trust in people to even make their own decisions. He liked the rule of a king because he felt only one person should have the great authority of being in charge. He didn’t have confidence in people being in charge of themselves. He wanted peace within the people and he believed that achieving that goal would be through a King or a Queen and no democracy.

John Locke was a totally different person. He had a different perspective on the same issue. He believed that every man can reason. He believed the opposite of Hobbes. He wanted the King’s power to be limited and the same for the Monarch’s. He thought that people should be able to govern their selves without the King or Queen. He also believed people should be looked at as equal and the same. He was in favor of a monarchy and was not in favor of Divine Right. He wanted to protect the right of life, the right of freedom, and the right to property. He felt strongly about these rights. He wrote many things down, mostly about how the MEN are equal and making a new government would be the best for the people.

Mary Wollstonecraft was an inspirational woman. She stood up for what she believed in back then. She believed that women should have rights and she was one of the first to speak her mind. Men ruled back then and no one was brave enough to speak what was right or what they thought. She believed that EVERYONE was equal, not just the men. She believed that if she worked for her money, that it should go to her and not right to the man of the house. If you earn it, you keep it. She believed in being fair and treating everyone the same. She wanted to end the men over women. She believed that women should be able to take part in civic and political life and she believed that they should participate in medicine, business and politics. They should be able to have an education and be able to vote. No woman had any rights and that was something that strongly bothered her and something that she was going to stand up for.

In conclusion, they all had different way of viewing things and different ways of handling the matters. Some wanted equality with a King and some wanted equality without one. And Mary just wanted woman rights. Was that too much to ask for? Obviously back then it was a big deal and something hard to deal with. Throughout the years, things have changed human life. However, was it for better or for worse?

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