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European Social Model

By targetgyrl Nov 29, 2008 805 Words
The European Social Model

The European Social Model is a vision of society that combines sustainable economic growth with ever-improving living and working conditions. The European Social Model is built on the principle of social partnership: a compromise between different interests in society to the benefit of all.

This implies full employment, good quality jobs, equal opportunities, social protection for all, social inclusion, and involving citizens in the decisions that affect them. In the Europeans view, social dialogue, collective bargaining and workers’ protection are crucial factors in promoting innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

The European social model is seen as a basic right of every European. The responsibility for all to help pay is reflected in the tax structure that supports the continent’s extensive welfare programs. Europeans rely much more heavily than most of the world on sales taxes also known by Europeans as “value added taxes.” This system was created to make sure that lower- income people help pay for the social system.

The European Social model shows a high level of employment, sustainable and non-inflationary growth, economic competitiveness, an elevated quality of life, and a high level of the quality of the environment European Benefits to Obtain Equality for all.

Europeans set out to offer equality of opportunity to all it’s people. Americans neglect the bottom 50 percent in the name of individualism. Health Care
-In Europe all receive the same health care . Rich or poor you share the same doctors and hospitals. Health care is not taken when a worker is unemployed. Education
-Europe all send their children to the same largely free universities. Europeans feel that this is a benefit to society as a whole to produce educated workers. Unemployment Benefits
-Europeans that have been laid off receive housing benefit, a heat and light benefit, a food benefit, a child care benefit, and a monthly unemployment payment that is almost always higher than the American standard. And as always Europeans still receive access to public health care system.

-European public housing is so common in major European cities that they have government owned homes and apartment buildings that are found in every neighborhood of every city and town. The inhabitants not just the poor but a good proportion of the middle class as well.

Child Bearing Benefits
-Europe’s welfare state begins at birth with government payments to each newborn citizen and generous support for parents. Europe considers child raising as a real work and that this work provides value for the whole society. The state can pay up to 80 percent of your salary for the first year and only a third of the workers normal salary for the second year also known as a ‘surrogate salary.” This monthly payment to parents is considered a salary with taxes withheld just like any paycheck. Employer’s are required by law to take anyone back in the same position if leaving to raise a child.

Final Thoughts

The European social model is not perfect it has its flaws. The one hundred year old social model is based on a spirit of equality and solidarity and the American capitalist-individualistic- everyman-for-himself society is based on individualism. It does not give the bold separation of the rich and poor versus America. America highly recognizes the rich and quietly recognize the poor. America does offer welfare benefits but at what cost?? Welfare benefits for Americans is seen as appalling to some; not understanding that different circumstances are for different people. The distinguishing factor is the social progress. a compromise between different interests in society to the benefit of all. The European Social Model is an example for the rest of the world of a society based on social justice and solidarity, where economic and social advancement take equal priority, and where decent work and social protection combat poverty and social exclusion. That is why the success of Social Europe is so important not only for European citizens, but also for developing just and fair political systems in other countries.

Active policies to fight poverty and redistribute wealth contribute to higher levels of equality in Europe than elsewhere in the world .Under an unregulated free market, 30% of the population would be at risk of poverty (OECD estimate). Social transfers bring this figure down to 10-15%, whereas in the USA it remains around 20-25%. Although the USA has a reputation for high social mobility, enabling poorer people to become better off, the facts point to a different picture. For example, 40% of the sons from poorest families in the USA remain in this poverty trap, compared with 25-30% in EU countries. The number of people living in poverty in the United States is rising by some 1 million per annum. (


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