European Influence on the World

Topics: New World, Americas, Europe Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Our world is the way it is today because of many events that occurred in the past. Nobody can be certain that the outcome of these events made our world change for the better or for the worse, but we are able to analyze specific occasions to get a better idea of how our world was developed economically, politically, culturally, environmentally and technologically. Over five hundred years ago the race to find a fast trade route to Asia was crucial for Europe, so in order to accomplish that goal of society, many experienced explorers set out to sea, in hope to earn the pride and wealth of their supporting country. For some, the voyage was a complete waist of time but for others, discoveries beyond what they thought existed were made.

As explorers overflowed the seas, Europe’s development as a country started to increase. New technologies were discovered along with many crops and raw materials that would later be exposed to some of Asia. The relationship between Europe and Asia was very important when it came to trading. The major turning point for Europe was the introduction of it to the Americas. As more explorers came over to the new world, the idea of colonizing it became very dominant. As individuals took the risk and started up settlements, they became faced with the indigenous peoples of this area of the world. The contact between these two cultures was critical to the survival of the European settlers. The indigenous peoples taught them how to survive in this new world, along with how to organize a civilized and equal society. Without their contribution, the Europeans would have never survived in the new world, and the development of the Americas would have been nearly impossible at that time. From the European perspective, this relationship was very beneficial. It not only helped the creation of civilizations in America, but it increased the wealth and quality of life of the countries back in Europe. This was possible because of the availability of gold,...
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