European Imperalism

Topics: United States, Americas, Slavery Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: May 11, 2005
European imperialism during 1450-1750, began as a plan to gain more riches for the European nations. The Europeans did this for three main reasons, which were for God, Gold, and Glory. The Europeans domination over Latin America, Africa and Asia were made out to be good for the native people of these lands. However, the Europeans were not there to help these geographic areas. They were there to spread their influence and gain riches for themselves and the European nations. The successes and failures of the Europeans and non Europeans would decide their relationship status for as long as they could co-exist. In Latin America, Cortes who was the conqueror of Mexico, and Pizarro the conqueror of Peru and the Incans, would control the ancient Latin America civilizations for many years to come. In order to maintain steady control over the area, the two conquistadores would have to create a façade for the Inca's, Mayans, and Aztec tribes. This façade, would have to hide the fact that the Europeans had no intentions of providing aid for these natives. The extraction of riches and slaves would have remained a secret, while the Europeans would settle and pretend to help the natives out. Bringing guns, medicine, and other European inventions to the Latin American tribes and trading for more gold and other spices gave a peaceful demeanor to the Europeans. The slave trade involving the Latin Americans would become the hardest thing to justify and later on it would be the cause of many rebellions by the natives. The Europeans, in order to keep the peace in Latin America and in the other territories they were conquering, was to tell the soon to be slaves that they were going to Europe to live better lives. Instead, the Latin Americans were auctioned off and forced into slavery. After taking the gold, ruling over the people, and forcing them into slavery, the Spanish did nothing to help out the people of Latin America. European domination in Africa began because the...
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