European Exploration Notes

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Protestantism, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Treaty of Tordesillas
1. The Pope brokers an agreement between Spain & Portugal
2. A north/south line is drawn… Spanish claims west of line, Portuguese claims East of line 3. Brazil
4. Other European nation’s attitudes towards this treaty
9. Business
a. Portuguese trading posts, commercial networks
1. Chief rivals evolved to be the English & The Dutch
b. Trading Companies
i. English East India Company (1600)
ii. VOC… Dutch… United East Indian Company (1600)
c. Profit???
i. 30,000 turns into 1,000,000
d. Eventually, Portugal begins to lose domination, but they remain a player into the 20th century. e. Progression
i. 1st…spice… Portuguese & Dutch control
ii. 2nd….Tea & Cotton… English & French control… more violent
iii. What about Spain?
1. The Manila Galleons
a. Silver from the Americas to Philippines, then to China for “luxury goods: b. Luxury goods dispersed in Central & South America
c. Gold & silver… Spain

10. Columbian Exchange
a. Biological Exchanges… permanent worldwide results
b. Human Population
i. Disease… one-way… measles, typhus, smallpox. Why?
1. Hispaniola: 1 million natives when Columbus came by, down to 500 natives in 1600 2. Mayan Mexico lost 95% of their population
3. Estimated that the native population of “Meso America” went from 20 mill. To 2 mill. in one century 4. Type of people dying
ii. Food Exchange
1. Caused surge in population, world-wide
a. Increase in food production equals in population
2. The food & animal exchange into the Americas… long term population growth

2/10 Religious Upheaval in Europe
Beginning in 1517 & catching on 1520’s & 1530’s

1. Why now?
a. People begin to “Question Authority”
i. Printing Press
ii. More internal travel
iii. More exploration
iv. Military involvement w/soldiers from different areas
b. The Roman Catholic Church is setting itself up for rebellion i. Corruption everywhere
ii. Clerical immunities from civil...
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