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Acceleration of Global Contact essayFinal
The Power Snowball Effect
To us in the 21st century Asia is a developing content, but four hundred years ago it held the greatest superpowers of the entire world, so what did happen to that power? In order to determine the answer to this question one must peel back the layers of time and look at the hard fact. Geographically the Europeans had various advantages, such as having copious amounts of coal deposits to create a coal industry. In addition to this the Asians empires were not in the prime position to expand their nation to undeveloped parts of the world, as the Europeans did with the New World. Trailing with this is the fact that the Asians hardly conquered an area outside their proximity, unlike the Europeans who quickly and easily conquered the New World. Trade- wise the Europeans took the wealth from the new world and used to boom trade with Asia, which in turn helped improve their economies, whereas the Asians used the trade to continue gaining silver. These basic facts, though general, were the main driving forces behind the change from Asian dominance to European dominance. Both Europe and Asia had opportunities and had the capabilities for global expansion, but Europeans were the first ones to succeed in attaining this because of their geography, their discovery and colonization of the New World, and their trade with Asia. When analyzing why the world had such a power shift, many overlook the fact that it may have been due to luck. The Europeans simply had many geographical and climatic advantages which helped them significantly in gaining so much power. Going back to the example above, we see as an observer of history that the Europeans had a superfluous amount of a resource used for energy. Coal, though not very helpful today, was one of the only ways to get energy back in the early modern era. Due to this when the Europeans had found the coal they were easily able to use it to...

Bibliography: Marks, Robert. "The Rise of the West?" The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-first Century. 2nd ed. Vol. The. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2009. Print.
Document 16.4. The Acceleration of Global Contact
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