European Expansion

Topics: Europe, Spain, Portuguese people Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: September 21, 2010
Aristidis Koukos
Mr. Cannon
AP United States History
24 August 2010
Essay on European Expansion

Ever since the discovery of the Americas there has been a desire for territorial expansion, Europe is the main Country which took advantage of this opportunity for expansion. The inspiration fueling their ambition for expansion is the service of god and the pursuit for gold and glory. In order to fuel their ambitions they traveled the world searching for land and goods. In this essay I will discuss expectation, rewards and problems associated with the Europeans pursuit for expansion.

Expectation held by the Europeans but specifically by the Spaniards and Portuguese were creating technological advancements in order to have easier and more efficient lives. Also Europeans were in search of open land in order to build a dominating empire over the rest of the world. In addition Europeans were constantly attempting to improve trade routes and the quantity as well as the quality of raw materials which they received back from trade. Furthermore Europeans were expecting an high abundance of gold, crops as well as spices.

There were several rewards which evolved over time due to the European expansion. The first reward was developed technology for example the Portuguese using materials from various areas they developed their ships into caravels which could sail close to the wind. This technology made sailing the seas easier. A second reward was an improvement among Portuguese trading which evolved into a trade for many more materials including gold, tobacco, maize, beans, potatoes as well as slaves. Arguably the most important reward caused by the ambition of Europeans was the discovery of the New World which allowed Europeans to build a successful empire to empower all others. A final reward caused by European expansion is an improvement commercial agriculture Although there were major rewards associated with European expansion there were also problems which...
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