European Colonies

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, New Mexico Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: January 8, 2013
In the early 1600s many European countries set out and explored and were looking to start colonies and expand their populations, and economies. Each country in different locations treated the Native people there in different ways. The French in New France created a partnership with the Native Americans. The French learned their language and lived among the natives in villages. In Massachusetts many natives were converted to Christianity. They moved to praying towns and attended schools. They helped the Europeans until their relationship crumbled in King Philip’s war. Spain however, was quick to enslave the Native Americans in Mexico and Florida and many died of disease and harsh work conditions.

Unlike many colonists the French did not enslave the Native Americans living in New France. They became business partners quickly. They became fur trappers and lived among the Huron in their villages. The French even learned to speak their language and married Huron Women. The Huron taught the French how to survive in the wilderness and they fought together against the Huron’s enemy the Iroquois tribe. The French and Huron lived together successfully and taught each other new techniques. This was uncommon compared to other colonies and natives. Unfortunately like many other cases The Natives were not immune to European disease and many died. In other cases, the Natives were always welcoming at first but the colonists ended up taking advantage of them. In the pueblo villages the Spanish forced them to give them food and necessities. This led to revolts.

A law was passed in New England called the “Act for Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Indians.” Soon after, Parliament passed an ordination forming “A Corporation for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England.” These laws supported the conversion of Native Americans to the Christian faith. This is important in the relationship of the Native Americans and New England. When they first...
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