Euphemism In The Angels Quotes
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A Quote from the story The Angels
“Therefore, all the telephone calls from the wives were the frantic and portentous beating of the wings of the death angels, as it were. When the final news came, there would be a ring at the front door—a wife in this situation finds herself staring at the front door as if she no longer owns it or controls it—and outside the door would be a man … come to inform her that unfortunately something has happened out there, and her husband's body now lies incinerated in the swamps or the pines or the palmetto grass, "burned beyond recognition," which anyone who had been around an air base for very long (fortunately Jane had not) realized was quite an artful euphemism to describe a human body that now looked like an enormous fowl that has burned up in a stove, burned a blackish brown all over, greasy and blistered, fried, in a word, with not only the entire face and all the hair and the ears burned off, not to mention all the clothing, but also
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Another word that is interesting is fowl. Normally this is not interesting, but in this circumstance it stands out.
“human body that now looked like an enormous fowl that has burned up in a stove”
The author it using “fowl”, which is a type of bird, to describe what the poor pilot looks like. An overcooked meal in a stove is black, charred, disgusting, curled up, and in no way what a person should look like.

The last word I found interesting was recognition. It may seem odd, that this word sticks out, because it is not that unusual of a word. It means “identification of a thing or person”. To not be capable of recognizing someone because their body is completely destroyed it depressing. It means that a person died in such a horrible way that no one will be capable of saying who it was, or when they

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