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Topics: Chart, Spreadsheet, Sparkline Pages: 3 (476 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Regional Sales

Project Description:
In the following project, you will create a worksheet summarizing the regional sales to fitness clubs for 2016.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step
Points Possible
Start Excel. Download and open the file named go_e01_grader_h3.xlsx. 0
Change the Theme to Retrospect, and then widen column A to 10.61 width [80 pixels] and columns B:H to 15.00 width [110 pixels]. 8
Merge & Center the title across the range A1:H1, and then apply the Title cell style. Merge & Center the subtitle across the range A2:H2, and then apply the Heading 1 cell style. 8
Select the seven column titles, apply Center formatting, and then apply the Heading 4 cell style. 6
By using the Quick Analysis tool, Sum the Quarter 1 sales, and then copy the formula across for the remaining Quarters. 8
Select the Northeast sales, and then display the Quick Analysis Totals gallery. Click the second Sum option—the sixth item in the gallery—which displays the column selection in yellow. Copy the formula down through cell F7. 8

Apply the Accounting Number Format to the first row of sales figures and to the total row, and the Comma Style to the remaining sales figures. Format the totals in row 7 with the Total cell style. 8

Insert a new row 6 with the row title Midwest and the following sales figures for each quarter: 110985.45 and 118674.91 and 100548.50 and 120621.17 Copy the formula from F5 to F6. 6
Using absolute cell references as necessary so that you can copy the formula, in cell G4 construct a formula to calculate the Percent of Total Sales for the first region. Copy the formula down for the remaining regions. 10

To the computed percentages, apply Percent Style with two decimal places, and then center the percentages. 8
Insert Line sparklines in the range H4:H7 that compare the quarterly data. Do not include the totals. Show the...
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