Eulogy of Mrytle WIlson

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George Wilson’s world revolved around Myrtle. Wilson is more affected by Myrtle’s death than he lets on. Therefore, I wrote this eulogy as Wilson for Myrtle to show the depth and complexity of their relationship.

I tried to show Wilson’s feelings for Myrtle, rather than a ‘spiritless’ man as depicted through the things he did for Myrtle. Including the things Myrtle did for Wilson shows his appreciation and love for her. Due to the lack of information in the novel, some of the content was crafted based on scenes in the novel and from my thoughts of their relationship. By including the deep relationship between the couple, it allows the readers to better understand why Wilson killed Gatsby and himself.

The vocabulary used is simple, as Wilson was uneducated. The use of constant repetition and similar sentence structure shows that Wilson was a simple man and that he did not know how to express himself clearly. It also emphasizes on the extent of his love and guilt. Short sentences are used to depict Wilson’s passive and shy nature.

There is a use of dramatic irony by showing how happy Wilson was when Myrtle spent the weekend with her friends, and when she wore nice dresses she ‘bought with her savings’. Wilson is oblivious about the affair, unlike the audience. This shows how the American Dream is flawed. Although Wilson worked hard and shower Myrtle with love, Myrtle still chose Tom. It also shows how materialistic people were back then. Myrtle chose Wilson merely on his appearance and now wants to be with Tom for his wealth.

This eulogy is written in the first person perspective to show intimacy between the two. Instead of using a second person perspective to describe Myrtle, it shows Wilson’s deep attachment to his dead wife.

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Good morning, I am George Wilson, Myrtle’s husband. I would like to start off by thanking every single one of you for your presence today. Myrtle would be happy if she were still here.

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