Eulogy: Family and Rose Hills Memorial

Topics: Family, Need, Eiffel Tower Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: November 1, 2014
-----was always a cheerful person. She was born in Fresno on March 1, 1996. Recently she had graduated from ____high school, and had only begun college. As a child, she grew a passion for music. During middle school she tried out for the clarinet and she got the position to play. Although she enjoyed the clarinet, she wanted a challenge and decided to go for the flute during high school. In the summer she couldn’t let go of a book because she was glued to it. Even though she was not athletic, she loved volleyball. What everyone liked about Shaila was her personality. She was so cheerful and bubbly. She would wake up with a smile, and throughout the days that smile would never disappear. Whenever she saw her friend down, she would try her best to cheer them up. If something was wrong, and you needed someone to talk to Shaila would always be there. Listening to your problems and making you feel that someone cares. Everyone at first would say she was a quiet person, but after getting to know her she would talk and talk. She treasured her family like a valuable jewel. I’ll miss a lot of things about ___, and most importantly ___ herself. Her smile, and the way her eye would light up. I will miss waking up early in the mornings just to tell her to practice somewhere else. She was the best; part of my happiness and my sister. And now all I have is memories of her. At my service I would like it if my older sister read my eulogy because for the past 18 years she has lived with me. Toward the end of my service should my eulogy be read because it’ll be more meaningful to my family. My service should be held at Rose Hills memorial park, so my family could know that I am at peace. I would like my parents, siblings, and other family members to attend my service. Only my closest friend should attend my funeral. Those who I grow up with are allowed. Obituary

In Loving Memory
_______, Earth has gained a new angel. On November 1st at 12pm ____ was hit by a...
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