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The journey of life begins at the day we are born, we get afraid as the first time we walk because we might fall and get hurt, we are afraid to do some things because we might fail, and sometimes we are afraid to confess because we might be rejected. That’s how life begins with us, we are afraid to do something new, because we don’t know what life will it bring to us, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. We never know what tomorrow will give us, but tomorrow is the reason why we become stronger and better. As time passes by, we explore something new, something we wish we could have even we doesn’t really need it. Sometimes, we can already ride with the journey of our lives, but sometimes life brings us bad things, we compare, differentiate, and weigh which one is important, which one we can’t live without, and then we make our decision and choices. Choices is what we make and the reason why our fate changes, we want it today, but how about tomorrow or the next day? We also need to set aside the other possibilities, not because you want it today, it will be the one you will go to choose. In choosing what we want, the friends we have also choose either to stay or to leave, many will leave and few will stay, they have reasons but sometimes we can’t accept the fact that they can do it to us. In the day I will die, there are a lot of things I wanted to say with the people I love/loved me, with the people who hate me, with the people who left me, and with the people I used to be with. I want to thank them, for they always with me, they care and support me, even sometimes they can’t understand me for the things I want, for the things I don’t. They give me happiness whenever I can’t give it to myself, they give me freedom to be crazy and I don’t need to pretend I’m happy because I can cry in front of them without judging me, without questioning me. Thank you for choosing me as your friend. Sorry for giving you headache and heartache. As you start to know me,

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