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We always gave each other forever time.
You always had power, strength, true loyalty and superb knowledge. You were always there despite everything.
Your love and support were pure.
You were so gifted, made us laugh constantly.
Had your own language called “Hurrah” which we also called ‘a Bracken thing’ referring to contentment. Your love was unconditional and pure.
You always wanted to be there.
You never gave up which has confused us today because this sudden tragedy was unexpected and not like you. We are questioning this so much because your perfection was pure and constant. You had bravery – stood up for everybody.

If I could reach the stars in the universe I would give them to you. You will always be the King – no one will replace you.

You always spoke in your sleep, sounded like a harmony.
We had the perfect life together.
Love was very strong, so solid nothing broke us.
You have left me hurt and it feels like someone has crushed me, scattering my pieces all over the floor. I was always considered as a quiet, shy person but with you I was a million stars. You gave me confidence, amazing guidance and great balance. Please continue to do this as I need it now I feel lonely without you. The day you were ill, I was as well, when you were crying in pain, I was also. However, I was crying - mourning for you when the phone call for my patisserie placement came on Sunday. I hope this is it, if it is I will know it is you bringing me luck and success, like you always have.

It is incredibly hard to say goodbye especially to someone who has always been so special. Heaven wanted you.
Heaven decided it needed you.
Heaven knew you were in pain and suffering.
Heaven wanted to feed you homemade chicken soup, fresh chicken and porridge. Heaven knows this because Sophie always gave it to you because she knew what you loved. Not to forget most importantly your favourite gravy bones!

Heaven wanted you to run with joy again because...
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