Topics: Mother, Family, Amy Williams Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: March 12, 2013
My name is Ted and I am one of the nephews of Louie and Amy Alves. From day one Amy faced obstacles and even on her death-bed she never showed fear, never stopped laughing and never gave up. She inspired so many people throughout the course of her life and that was obvious by the turnout at the wake last night. Amy was a die-hard sports fan and a very athletic person growing up. She had 9 brothers and sisters, which I am sure contributed to her competitiveness. There is no doubt that she came from a military family because she possessed and passed on all of the military values as well as a patriotic spirit that was unbreakable. Her selfless service and dedication to her family was top notch. She lived her entire life honorably and with courage to spare. Integrity should have been her middle name and not only did she demand respect but she also offered it to everyone she met. Before Amy had children of her own she made it her duty to be like a “mom” to many young athletes, including myself. Twenty years ago she came into my life and because of her I am a better person. If not for her I never would have been so dedicated and excited to play sports. Thanks to Aim my life revolved around sports and this allowed me to release my frustrations and be a part of team. She once said to me “Teddy your team is an extension of your family and family is all any of us have.” She was the best member any family could ever have and I am honored to call her my aunt. Before she officially became my aunt she was my mentor, my coach and my biggest fan. From her I learned to take pride in my actions, to do my best and to never take people for granted. One time she took me to one of our many wrestling meets and I had to wrestle a girl. I was 13 years old and had been raised to never hurt a female. The girl beat me by points because I couldn’t go all out and I was extremely embarrassed. She consoled me and assured me that it was just a fluke. Then later that day I had to face the...
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